January 6, 2014



To: Anderson Associates, Customers and Suppliers



We are pleased to announce some promotions and additions that will position our companies for continued growth and improvement.


In May 2013, our board of directors authorized the Anderson Merchandisers management team to divide the company into two separate units. The purpose of this division was to allow each company to use its strengths to serve its customers better and enhance shareholder value, in line with the company’s mandate to build the best brand representation and in-store execution in the industry. The decision was made to establish the headquarters of Anderson Merchandisers in Plano, TX.


Over the last 20 years, Anderson Merchandisers has built a dynamic field force that understands the importance of timely on-sale, specific inventory placement and exact inventory monitoring and correction. The company has earned an excellent reputation by representing several of the world’s largest entertainment companies. Since the opening of the Plano office, Anderson Merchandisers has developed multi-year agreements with non-entertainment brands in the grocery, electronics, hardware, wireless, health and beauty and automotive categories. The new Anderson Merchandisers is off to a sensational start.


A new name, ANConnect, was chosen for the original purchasing, pick pack, and delivery company based in Amarillo, TX. This unit operates four state-of-the-art distribution facilities and has the capability to handle virtually any Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand. Since opening in May, ANConnect has distributed non-entertainment products for health and beauty, electronics and other categories.


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Anderson is experienced in connecting customers with brands. Whether it’s a simple autograph party, a celebrity appearance, or a live concert, our events engage the customer and fuel sales.

Since 1995, we have produced more than 312,000 live events, including concerts, demonstrations, autograph parties, and weekend and midnight events in retail stores nationwide.